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About Us

Who We Are

Single-Source Payments

AllPaid is a secure, single-source payments platform that unlocks efficiencies for citizens and governments, guaranteeing confidence at all touchpoints. AllPaid provides payment services to more than 3,000 agencies across the U.S. Our turnkey platform takes the hassle and expense away from government and delivers a convenient, multi-channel payment experience for its citizens – from traffic citations and child support to taxes and permits.

Public Sector Payments

AllPaid has been focused on public sector payments for more than 22 years and has become a leading provider for every type of government payment. Paying court fines, traffic violations or taxes and utilities, AllPaid simplifies the entire payment experience.

Payment Processing

AllPaid’s payment processing platform is reliable and highly secure. We handle the risks of security and chargebacks so agencies can focus on their communities, not on payment issues. Our 24/7 customer contact center located in the U.S. ensures a world-class service experience.