Our Payment Solutions

AllPaid offers smart payment integration solutions and technologically-advanced
service options between customers and payers.


Paying taxes electronically has never been easier than with our State-of-the-art, PCI Level 1 secure data center. Payment of delinquent taxes can be restricted.


Electronic payment of utility bills and fines reduces administrative burdens, disconnections, collection agency charge-offs and lost customers.

Tickets - Fines - Fees

Tickets, fines and fees can easily be processed for county, municipal, circuit and district courts around the country creating a seamless way to pay.

Criminal Justice

Payment efficiency is offered for collecting citizens’ financial obligations for services such as probation, restitution and monitoring.

Administrative Fees

For your permit, license, recorder, ticket and impound needs across the country and we bring big-company technology to local markets.

Child Support

We offer payment solutions to child support administrators that meet federal standards and help make the payment process as efficient and timely as it can be.


Quick, efficient and electronic posting of cash bail that prevents jail overcrowding, saves taxpayer dollars and helps get defendants back to their homes, communities, and jobs.

AllPaid Exchange®

The next-generation approach to payment efficiency. We have only scratched the surface for our patented technology solution to enable cooperating governments to cross-reference information.


Processing recreation fees has become a mandatory part of serving citizens in a digital world and we offer top-tier fee solutions.