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Terms for Services Requiring a Profile

Understanding and agreeing to these Terms for Services Requiring a Profile is necessary for You to authorize AllPaid to make online payments that rely on a Profile You have established and for which You provided AllPaid with Card Information and Personal Information.  Please read them carefully.  You must accept these Terms before AllPaid can provide You with any Service that requires Us to access Your Profile.


“Agreement” means the acceptance of these Terms and the legally binding contract You enter into with AllPaid by checking the box provided below to submit Your acceptance.

 “Card Information” means the data and content You provide to AllPaid from Your credit or debit card that AllPaid requires so We can process a payment for You through Our Service.

“AllPaid”, “GovPayNet”, “Our”, “Us” or “We” means AllPaid, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered at 7820 Innovation Boulevard, Suite 250 Indianapolis, Indiana 46278 doing business under the name GovPayNet.” 

“Personal Information” means the data and content You provide to AllPaid about Yourself so that We can establish Your Profile and enable You to access Your payment history and other information that results from Your use of the Service.  

“Profile” means Your Card Information, Personal Information, and any other data or content You provide to AllPaid to store on Our system to enable You and AllPaid to facilitate and manage Your use of the Service.

“Recipient” means the government department, division, entity, office, or other official body or organization, institution, or commercial enterprise that has entered into a contract with Us for the processing of card payments on its behalf and to which You may attempt to make a payment using the Service.

“Recurring Payment” means a payment that You have authorized AllPaid to make to a Recipient You have identified to AllPaid by means of Us automatically attempting to process a charge to Your credit card account or debit Your debit card account. 

“Service” means Our online payment processing system, features, functions, and capabilities in all versions and forms.

“Terms” means these Terms of Service for Services Requiring Profiles.

"You”, “Your” or “I” mean the individual who is agreeing to these Terms.

Legal Ability to Contract

By accepting these Terms, You represent and warrant that You are either an adult at least 18 years of age, an emancipated minor, or legally acting within Your authority as an agent, contractor, employee, officer or director of an entity or organization.  As such, We are relying on the fact that You are legally competent and able to contract and understand and agree, and do agree that these Terms constitute a binding obligation upon You or the entity or organization You represent in Your use of AllPaid or the Service on its behalf once You accept them.

Recurring Payments

By clicking the authorization box below, You are also authorizing AllPaid to make one or more Recurring Payment(s) to Recipients You may identify for this purpose in Your use of the Service (this feature is optional; You are not required to make Recurring Payments to use AllPaid).  

Making a Recurring Payment requires Your Card Information to be valid and Your Profile to be active. If the Card Information in Your Profile associated with a Recurring Payment is or becomes invalid or your Profile is no longer active, We will not be able to make Your scheduled Recurring Payment and will cancel any future Recurring Payments that use this Card Information.  We will contact You by email if this happens, using the email address in Your Profile.  

Your authorization of AllPaid to make Recurring Payments will remain in effect until You revoke Your authorization to AllPaid to make any Recurring Payment You have authorized.  Cancelling a Recurring Payment will not affect Your Profile.

No Agency Relationship

AllPaid performs the Service as a Payment Facilitator.  Nothing in these Terms establishes or creates any association, partnership, joint venture, or relationship of agent and principal between You and Us.

Miscellaneous Terms

You may cancel these Terms at any time by contacting AllPaid Customer Service at 1-888-604-7888.  This, however, will also cancel all Recurring Payments You have identified or any other payments requiring a Profile but will not affect Your Profile.  

These Terms are subject to change.  AllPaid will send updated Terms to the email address You provided for AllPaid to use in Your Profile.

AllPaid will cease making any Recurring Payment if You cancel or breach these Terms.

All payments made through AllPaid are subject to AllPaid’s general Terms of Service.

Personal Information You include in Your Profile will be subject to Our Privacy Policy.

All payments through the Service involve interstate commerce and are made in US dollars.

Agreement to Terms

By completing Your Profile Set Up, You agree to the Terms and authorize AllPaid to use my Personal Information and Card Information provided in my Profile and certify that this is my credit card or debit card. You certify that You have reviewed, understand, and accept the Terms and any future modifications to these Terms, and that You intend this Agreement to be a legally binding contract authorizing AllPaid to attempt to make any payment requiring Your Profile You have identified to AllPaid.


Terms for Services Requiring Profiles
Effective January 1, 2021
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